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Building Construction

Building construction service

At Calebella Integritas Project Limited, we’re known as your all-in-one source for building construction service. Since 2010, we’ve been leading the way in architectural designconstruction project management, and general contracting in Nigeria. Our skilled team thrives in infrastructure developmentproperty consultancy, and various specialized construction services for any project, be it residential or commercial/industrial.

Experienced in Design and Construction

Our team has deep experience and skill in design and construction. This expertise is what makes Calebella stand out. We’re known for our top-quality projects that go beyond what our clients expect. We’re always looking ahead and working to get even better, which has built our excellent reputation in the industry.

Infrastructure Development and Property Consultancy

Along with our main services, we also specialize in infrastructure development and property consultancy. Knowing the local market and the best building practices lets us offer great advice. We help clients with large projects or with property investments get the solutions they need.

Building construction service: Comprehensive Solutions

At Calebella, each construction project is seen as unique. That’s why we provide a wide range of services to match our client’s varied needs. Our team of experts closely works with you. We aim to offer solutions that fit exactly what you need, from the start to the end.

Architectural Design and Planning

Our services put a big focus on creating great designs and plans. We have a team of architects and designers who bring your ideas to life. They design structures or improve old ones. Their work makes sure your project is well-planned and ready for success.

Construction Project Management

Good management is key for any construction work to be done well. We at Calebella are known for managing projects smoothly. Our skilled professionals watch over everything. They sort out materials, work with others involved, and keep track of time and money. This detailed care means your project is done on time, within budget, and meets high quality standards.

General Contracting Services

Calebella also provides general contracting services. This includes getting permits, setting up the site, and managing trades. Our experts ensure everything runs smoothly and fast. Choosing Calebella for your project means everything is taken care of with skill and care.

Our Expertise: Specialized Construction Services

At Calebella, we go beyond regular building work. We specialize in making and improving homes, as well as big business or factory areas. Our team is ready to help with any project- making new houses, fixing old ones, or building massive places for work.

Residential Construction

In the residential area, we create new homes, making old ones better or different, and more. We listen to what you want and then make plans just for you. Every project we do, from drawing the plans to picking the final touches, is about you being happy with the result.

Commercial and Industrial Projects

Calebella knows a lot about making places for business, like shops, offices, and factories. We’re skilled in all steps- planning, designing, and building these spots. Our aim is to finish projects on time, within the budget, and meeting what you need exactly.

Construction Planning and Cost Estimation

Good planning and knowing the costs well are key to any successful building project. At Calebella, we have a top-notch team. They use their deep knowledge and the best technology to make detailed plans and cost estimates. We make sure our work is finished on schedule, on budget, and just right for our clients.

Our planning is all about the details. We look at the site carefully and check all the rules. Plus, we talk a lot with everyone involved. Our experience helps us spot problems early. Then, we work out plans to solve them. This keeps the project running smoothly without unexpected delays.

Figuring out the costs is also really important. Our experts use the latest software and their sharp skills to make very accurate budgets. This way, our clients know what to expect. They can plan smarter and keep a close eye on the money.

At Calebella, we blend planning and budgeting with our full range of construction services. This means our clients can rely on us. They trust that we will complete their projects perfectly, on time, and within their budget. We are proud of this total service we offer.

Green Building Construction: Sustainable Approach

At Calebella, we focus on sustainable practices in our building projects. Our approach combines energy-efficient designs with using eco-friendly materials. These two elements guide our green building construction.

Energy-Efficient Designs

We design our projects to be energy-efficient. This way, our clients lower their carbon footprint and save money on energy. Our team designs buildings to use as much natural light as possible. They also ensure good airflow and use modern energy-saving tech. This means our buildings not only perform well but are also kind to the planet.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

Green building means using materials that are good for the Earth. We pick items that are renewable, recycled, or made sustainably. By doing this, we help protect nature and lessen the harm our building work does to the environment.

Our choice of designs and materials shows our dedication to green building at Calebella. We aim to make structures that are beautiful, green, and efficient. This helps Nigeria move towards a more sustainable future.

Construction Site Safety: A Top Priority

At Calebella, we know how essential construction site safety is. We follow strict safety plans to make sure all projects are done safely. Our team is trained in safety and always looks out for our workers, clients, and the nearby community.

Strict Safety Protocols

Keeping construction sites safe is our first goal. We’ve made detailed safety rules and make sure they are followed. These rules include wearing the right safety gear and handling any dangers on site.

This helps us lower the chance of accidents. As a result, everyone involved can work in a safe place.

Trained and Certified Professionals

Good safety comes from skilled workers. We make sure everyone, from managers to our on-site team, knows how to keep things safe. Our team learns a lot about safety to spot and stop dangers before they happen.

This focus on safety is at the heart of our work. It guides everything we do on each project.

Why Choose Calebella?

Calebella is the top pick for your construction needs. Our team includes skilled professionals who aim for the best in every project. We always try to do better than what our clients expect.

Experienced and Qualified Team

The core of Calebella’s success is its outstanding team. These experts have years of experience and special training. They are ready for any complex challenge. Our pride is in offering solutions that fit each client’s unique needs.

Commitment to Excellence

Excellence is our goal at Calebella. We set high quality standards from start to finish. Our focus on detail and delighting our clients makes us stand out.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We offer excellent service at a good price. Our goal is to be careful with resources to keep our services top-notch yet affordable. Calebella is all about efficient, valuable construction solutions.

Frequently Asked Question

Calebella consists of different professionals such as Architects, Structural Engneers, MEP Engineers, Quantity Surveyors and Project Managers who are all certified by their different professional bodies.
CALEBELLA – Integritas Project Limited was incorporated on the 31st day of January, 2014 with RC No: 1167996 under the companies Acts 1990 as a private limited liability company to engage in property and infrastructure development services
We are a design and build company. We undertake all construction activities such as residential building construction, industrial construction and commercial building construction. right from the design stage. We take project right from the start to completion with every activity in between. We are well equipped with quality professionals for the different kind of building construction.
Calebella offers 6 – months warranties on fittings and fixtures and 12 months warranties on other aspect of the building such as roof.
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