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Project Management

Calebella project management service

At Calebella Construction, we’re excited to offer complete project management services for building projects in Nigeria. We are a one-stop shop for design and construction needs. Our know-how in construction project management ensures successful projects for our customers.

Our expert team covers every aspect, from architectural design, through to construction and property consultancy. We mix agile methods with traditional approaches. This combo guarantees both smooth and successful handling of your construction projects.

Calebella Construction consistently brings quality results that save you money. This has made us the top pick for project management services in this area.

About Calebella Construction

Calebella Integritas Project Limited started in 2010. It’s a private company that gives advice on buildings. Our team is made of skilled people from various building areas. They offer many services, such as design, supervision, and renovations. We also do building work and manage projects. Our goal is to look ahead, keep getting better, and set high standards. All this has earned us a great name in construction.

A One-Stop Company for Design, Construction, and Consultancy

Calebella Construction offers everything you need in the building world. We do design, supervision, surveying, and more. This full-service approach means you only need us for your project. It lets you work efficiently with an experienced team.

Experienced Professionals from Various Building Industry Fields

Our company’s strength is our diverse team of experts in building. They handle all parts of your project with care. Whether it’s designing, managing, or advising on property, we’re here to help. Calebella is the right choice for top-notch service.

Our Project Management Expertise

At Calebella Construction, we’re proud of our vast project management know-how. Using many methods, we finish our building projects successfully. We focus on what our clients need. We mix agile ways with more traditional ones, giving you a strong, flexible project plan. This makes us shine in the construction world.

Agile Methodologies: Scrum and Kanban

We are strong believers in agile project management. Our specialists excel in using both Scrum and Kanban. These methods value being flexible, adapting fast, and always improving. They help us tackle any change or new need quickly. This way, we boost our work process, teamwork improves, and we keep moving steadily towards our project goals.

Waterfall Model for Traditional Project Management

Although we love agile, we also appreciate traditional methods like the Waterfall model. We use it when it fits best, ensuring a methodical and clear process in project handling. It guides us clearly on project goals, how we use resources, and the timing. This clarity is key for us to finish construction jobs well and on time.

Risk Management and Mitigation Strategies

We know building projects can get complex, so we’ve crafted detailed risk plans. Our experts watch over every step, spot potential risks, and act to lower their effects. This proactive approach helps us avoid hiccups. It means we can keep things running smoothly and deliver top-quality work for our customers.

Resource Allocation and Timeline Tracking

At Calebella Construction, we value smart distribution and tracking to finish our projects on time. Our team plans how to use people, tools, and materials wisely to cut down on waste.

Efficient Resource Allocation for Optimal Utilization

We carefully decide how to use resources for each project. This ensures we get the most out of everything. We keep checking to improve how we use resources. This way, we finish our building jobs well and on time.

Detailed Timeline Tracking for On-Time Project Completion

We also keep a very close eye on the schedule for each project. Our managers watch the project’s progress carefully. They deal with any delays to make sure we meet our deadlines.

Project Management Approach

At Calebella Construction, we handle every project to ensure success. We use a mix of careful task sorting, good communication with everyone involved, and agile methods for quick changes.

Task Prioritization and Stakeholder Communication

Our managers work with you and our teams to find and act on key tasks. This helps things move smoothly and quickly. We also make sure to talk clearly and often with clients, subcontractors, and our team. This sharing keeps everyone on the same page about goals and what’s happening.

Agile Project Management for Flexibility and Adaptability

The building world is always changing, so we’ve picked up agile ways to stay nimble. We use methods like Scrum and Kanban to be ready for any sudden turns or new needs. It lets us keep getting better, find solutions, and meet your expectations fully.

Construction Project Management Services

At Calebella Construction, we’re excited to offer a full range of project management services. We aim to meet all our clients’ needs. Our team has deep knowledge of the building industry. This lets us offer great value in many areas like design, costs, and building work.

Architectural Design and Supervision

Our architects are ready to turn your ideas into plans. They start by understanding what you want. Then, they make sure everything is well thought out and done to the best quality. We tailor our services to fit every project, making sure our work stands out.

Quantity Surveying and Cost Management

Staying on budget is key for any project’s success. Our team is skilled at estimating costs and managing budgets. They keep a close eye on spending and look for ways to save money. This way, your project gets the most value without going over budget.

Building Construction and Property Consultancy

Building and helping with property decisions is at the core of what we do. Our group works closely with you from start to finish. We also offer advice on buying, developing, and managing property. This helps our clients grow their business with well-informed choices.

Quality Assurance and Client Satisfaction

At Calebella Construction, our main goal is to make sure every client is happy. We always aim to do our best. This way, each job we do goes beyond what our clients hope for.

Commitment to Excellence and High Standards

Our team works hard to make sure our clients get top-notch service. We love what we do and work tirelessly. Our dedication shines from the project start to its finish.

Consistent and Cost-Efficient Value Delivery

We know our clients look for quality without overspending. We focus on giving them great work that helps their business grow. Our skills in managing projects and using resources wisely help us stay on track and on budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Calebella consists of different professionals such as Architects, Structural Engneers, MEP Engineers, Quantity Surveyors and Project Managers who are all certified by their different professional bodies.
CALEBELLA – Integritas Project Limited was incorporated on the 31st day of January, 2014 with RC No: 1167996 under the companies Acts 1990 as a private limited liability company to engage in property and infrastructure development services
We are a design and build company. We undertake all construction activities such as residential building construction, industrial construction and commercial building construction. right from the design stage. We take project right from the start to completion with every activity in between. We are well equipped with quality professionals for the different kind of building construction.
Calebella offers 6 – months warranties on fittings and fixtures and 12 months warranties on other aspect of the building such as roof.
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